Error site

When I browse this site, the site is seen incorrectly, that is, you do not see the images, the site is unseachable and similar problems. The admin asked me to contact your service

I only got this:

Thereafter, this:

It could be that you have set the value of your Security Level option to High or I am under an attack!, or maybe somehow you have activated exactly that option temporary for your Cloudflare domain, or rather you are using Browser Integirty Check option as far as I see (not being challenged by the captcha so far).

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I could see it well too, practically after several times that I turned on the site and then gave me
the problem, I did tests with 2 pc and with 2 browsers …

The issue could be caused by your SSL/TLS security setting! If you have it set to high (which challenges all visitors that exhibit threatening behavior within the last 14 days) or IUAM (I’m Under Attack Mode) (which will show the browser integrity check for ALL requests sent to your website!)
Here’s a screenshot of the security levels you can set and what they mean

For more information visit

So to fix this, you need to lower your SSL/TLS security level (preferably to medium)! If you have a page rule set to enable Browser Integrity Check then disable it!

Once you have done both of those things let me know!

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