Error showing when adding TXT record of google postmaster

I am adding txt record to verify the ownership of google postmaster for email sub domain. but when i am doing it. it is showing error. NS records with that host already exist. (Code: 81056)

here is the screenshot. Screenshot by Lightshot

Please help.

You have delegated the email.whatever subdomain to So the record you are looking to create should be created on their nameservers.

It might be simpler to claim the parent domain, rather than individual sites within the domain.


but the is sub domain and if i change it then it stops working. please let me know your thought.

Iā€™m not sure what this means.

In the screenshot you attached above you have four NS records for So when somebody does a lookup for any DNS records within that subdomain they are sent to to get the answers. You cannot also create records for that subdomain in your Cloudflare account for a delegated subdomain.

Salesforce provide two methods to create the needed DNS records for their solution. Which are you using? Subdomain Delegation, or DNS Record Maintenance.

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I am using sub domain delegation.

I have changed and added txt record. but because of this salesforce stopped working. do you have any other solution?

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