Error: Server certificate misconfigured

Hi, I had CF connected to my shared host and it was working fine. A few days ago I made a change to a dedicated VPS server and the mail has stopped working. I have accommodated the new IPs but it still does not send mail and WP mail SMTP keeps giving an error: Server certificate incorrectly configured.

I have been asked from the hosting to get a CNAME and put an A record, but I could only get the CNAME. When I try to put A it tells me that it already exists.

Your MX record points to a ‘mail’ hostname, but I do not see an “A” record for ‘mail’. It should look just like your ‘webmail’ entry.

Thanks. When trying to create it I get an error: The record already exists. (Code: 81057)

Weird. I don’t see that in the DNS records picture you posted.

Solucionado. Gracias.

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