Error: script type="text/javascript" in Sitemap.xml

Hi all, Cloudflare - thank you for your work, you do amazing things!

After the latest update, the russian search engine stopped accepting my sitemap.xml

This is due to the fact that cloudflare started adding html tag script
Although if you look in the source code of this file - there is no html tag

The “type” header will match the page delivered. For example, if you think you’re looking for an .xml file, but the file doesn’t exist, you’ll get a 404 Page of type text/html.

In this case, it’s possible the search engine is getting a JS Challenge Page, which might have type text/javascript. Though I’m not 100% sure that’s how it looks.

Best bet is to see if you can get detailed information on what the search engine is receiving as a response. You might also see their requests in the Firewall Events Activity Log. Filtering by country should narrow it down a bit.

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