Error @

is not functioning?
I keep getting this error: An error ocurred while submitting, please try again at a later time.
I also tried it with different browser Firefox, Chrome and Edge, all without any luck.

I would like to use it to #delist because it’s a #falsepositive
=> When using Cloudflare’s DNS-service (#1112) it’s not reachable.

I used/tried:

With Kind regards,

I haven’t tried the form but I don’t see it as any category

That’s why I use this form :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:…but it’s not working… And is blocking this domain

Hi Tim,

Thanks for creating this post. I’m Ale a Technical Support Engineer here at Cloudflare.

I’ve DM you asking you for some things that we will need to keep investigating this issue that you are seeing.

Thank you!

Hi Ale,

I’ve the same issue with submitting Domains feedback.