Error pointing to CNAME records

My Microsoft 365 subscription is not allowing me to edit documents and I have been advised by my subscription provider that this is because there is an error pointing to the CNAME record.
When I look at my CNAME records, the record appears to be there however, my Microsoft subscription provider states there is an error pointing to the CNAME record and that I should contact Cloudflare to make sure the records are set up properly.
I have NO idea what I’m doing and would appreciate any advice. My instinct says to delete the CNAME record and re-enter it but I’m worried about breaking something. Any advice appreciated.

You really need to provide more information than “it doesn’t work”.

What is the domain in question?

What exactly are you doing, and what error do you encounter?

Which CNAME record have you been advised is problematic?

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Hi Laudain,

Thanks for your reply. Apologies for the lack of information, I’m really out of my depth here.

Attached is the error message that my domain host has provided.

I have this exact CNAME record, the only difference is that the TTL is ‘auto’, not one hour.

Does that help at all?

Thanks for any insight you can offer, I really appreciate it.

I’m afraid your domain is the bare minimum information required to perform any tests.

Thank you. My domain is

Thanks again for your assistance.

It looks like you have that record set to proxied. You need to change that to DNS-only.

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Thank you so much. I’ve just changed it to DNS only. I don’t know if that’s fixed the issue yet, but either way, I REALLY appreciate your help. Thank you so much.

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