Error parsing YAML in config file

Dear community,
I’ve created a new cloud flared tunnel and it’s config file. When trying to run the tunnel I’m getting the following error:

error parsing YAML in config file at /Users/xxxx/.cloudflared/config.yaml: yaml: line 4: could not find expected ‘:’

Any ideas?

Thank you,

Have you looked at line 4 in that config file? The error seems to be self-explanatory.

Can you share it here?

Line 4 is EMPTY! (doubled checked with vim editor).
Adding link to the file


Your config should be

tunnel: e0c793c5-eeeb-42c8-8271-910fa7d4b02f
credentials-file: /root/.cloudflared/e0c793c5-eeeb-42c8-8271-910fa7d4b02f.json

instead of

tunnel: e0c793c5-eeeb-42c8-8271-910fa7d4b02f
credentials-file: /root/.cloudflared/

This worked!

Thank you so much,

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