ERROR - Original site javascript does not exist

The following JS script no longer exists on my server. (Please remove the space - I don’t want to link to it directly.) [SPACES HERE] includes/cssjs/katex/katex.minjs-2017-11-14.js

It’s reported as a “Soft 404” in Google Webmasters, and in SEOBook’s HTTP Status Codes Checker ~ Server Header Response Code Checking Tool it’s returning a 200.

The message I get is


“try {
console.log(”- ERROR - Original site javascript does not exist. This is a placeholder. Url is ’ "

It should be returning a 404.

I tried a Custom Purge of the URL, but it had no effect. How can I address this?


Does your server IP address end in 140?

Yes, that is correct.

And that is the only IP address you have configured?

It does seem as if your server returned a 404 for that file, however at the same time it would also appear as if the response that is returned via Cloudflare is not cached but comes from the origin.


These two things would contradict each other. Hence my question if you have more than one IP address configured. Alternatively, could you have any cache configured on your server which still returns the file to connections originating from Cloudflare?

Have you tried purging the entire cache on Cloudflare?

Thanks for your reply, Sandro.

Yes, that’s the only IP. Traffic actually goes via Ezoic (Ezoic) currently.

I completely purged both Cloudflare and Ezoic and the behavior persists.

I’m guessing the piece of (broken) javascript that’s being returned is coming from Ezoic?

What does that mean? Do you have solely the IP address in question configured or something else?

Can you post a screenshot of your DNS records? Redact IP addresses if necessary.

Ezoic is an advertising company that passes all traffic through them.

Thats a different situation then however. Your site does not point to aforementioned IP address but to that host. In this case the file will be cached with them.

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