Error on SSL/TLS app Regarding Certificate

I am receiving 2 errors on the SSL/TLS app regardin SSL certificate. The orgin site had a SSL cert already. I moved to Cloudflare and choose flexible cert. Inow (after 24 hours) receive the error In orgin and edge certificates section of this screen. There is no error number “An error occurred but don’t worry we’re on it”

Whats your domain? error message regarding certificate. using Flexible but had SSL cert prior to moving to CF did not previously have a cert. Using flexible on CF

both are getting tracking blocked warnings

Thank you.

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Both load just fine for me on HTTPS. Try clearing your cache.

OK thank you. All of my SSL email no longer sends. Is this related to the flexible SSL cert. My web hosting service could not find a problem that was causing this.

I am not sure what you mean by SSL email, but email generally is not handled by Cloudflare.

OK about the same time I switched to Cloudflare our email went down. Turns out it was just a bizarre coincidence. Thnak you.

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