Error on my DNS record "MX"

Im getting this error On my DNS record “MX”, “”: “This record exposes the IP address used in the A record at where you used the Cloudflare proxy.”

How to solve this please?:pray:

The hostname of the target of the MX records will need to have the IP address(es) of the inbound mail servers exposed, there is technically no ways for it to work without.

If are unhappy with having your own IP address there (assuming that’s how you do at the moment), the only alternative you have, would be to move your inbound mail routing somewhere else.


Your MX record needs to point to a hostname that is unproxied (:grey: and not :orange:). If you’ve used the same IP address in a proxied (:orange:) record then the Cloudflare dashboard will give you that warning, but if that’s the setup you need (mail server running on the same address as your website) then you can ignore the warning.

It’s just telling you that someone can obtain the real IP address of your server from your MX record.

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