Error on DNS for Mailerlite

I’m trying to add Mailerlite into my DNS settings. Mailerlite has two options. One of them I have to add a Cname. When I do I get error 81053 stating that ’An A, AAAA, or CNAME record already exists for that host’ I do have an ’A’ record under the same host name but it’s vital to my sites success. So…

I tried the other option on Mailerlite to input two ’A’ records. One of them gets approved and the other does not. They both look fine and give no error code but it just won’t approve.

It’s extremely rare for Cloudflare DNS to glitch on this. We’ll need more info to help with this. If you could post the domain name and the two hostnames Mailerlite wants you to add, we can check.

A picture of your DNS records (with the IP addresses blacked out) would also help.

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