Error occurs when creating not-found page in next13

I using next.js 13.4.12 , app router and deploy with cloudflare pages.
when creating not-found.tsx, the build fails with the following error.

ERROR: Failed to produce a Cloudflare Pages build from the project.
⚡️      The following routes were not configured to run with the Edge Runtime:
⚡️        - /_error
// app/not-found.tsx
import Link from "next/link";

export const runtime = "edge";

export default function NotFound() {
  return (
      <h2>Not Found</h2>
      <Link href="/">Return Home</Link>


For reference, this issue is being tracked at [🐛 Bug]: Not-found page doesn't work with last vercel version v31.2.0 in edge runtime · Issue #413 · cloudflare/next-on-pages · GitHub

We believe that this may have surfaced in a recent change to the Vercel CLI and/or Next.js

I’m deploying my Nextjs app on pages. And i’m also adding edge as runtime in my server components. But at build time it give me error about /_error page that i’m not using edge export in this page. I did add edge as runtime in this page but it still gives me the same error. Please help.

Hi, If you are still struggeling check the doc here:

Depending of your nextjs app, you should set the edge in your API (/api/api_name).