ERROR: No matching export in "node-modules-polyfills:crypto" for import "createHmac"

I would appreciate any help or advice I could get. I’m finding no clue on what to do about this issue when trying to run remix through Cloudflare pages. node_modules/@algolia/client-search/dist/client-search.esm.js:4:9: ERROR: No matching export in "node-modules-polyfills:crypto" for import "createHmac" Getting this error and not sure what could be the issue. Followed along this github issue React Markdown is Broken On Remix · Issue #3120 · remix-run/remix · GitHub and saw that setting serverModuleFormat to esm and serverPlatform to browser should fix this.

/** @type {import('@remix-run/dev').AppConfig} */
module.exports = {
  serverBuildTarget: 'cloudflare-pages',
  server: './server.js',
  devServerBroadcastDelay: 1000,
  ignoredRouteFiles: ['**/.*'],
  appDirectory: 'app',
  assetsBuildDirectory: 'public/build',
  serverModuleFormat: 'esm',
  serverPlatform: 'browser',
  serverBuildPath: 'functions/[[path]].js',
  publicPath: '/build/',

set my remix.config.js to the following and still getting the same error when it wasn’t like that.

I know this more a Cloudflare channel so I wanted to ask anyone if there is maybe a way to fix this issue through messing with the config somewhere else besides remix.config.js?