Error: my domain is not a registered domain

error: “ is not a registered domain”.

unable to add to Cloudflare.


What did the search here say on the error?

add first, change NS later. tried. not working.

That is correct, but that’s not all. It also says that your site needs to be properly working on HTTPS before you add it. Does it?

never required before. all my domains are non HTTPS. error happening only this time.

Then you have security issues on all your domains in the first place and should fix that as well.

doesn’t Cloudflare provide security? what is the use if it can neither add non HTTPS domain nor provide security?

Cloudflare cannot secure your server if it is insecure and if you have no certificate on your server it naturally is insecure.

just need to add a new domain i bought to Cloudflare for free ssl. is it possible?

As I said, you need SSL on your server first.

which server are you talking about exactly? i plan to use Cloudflare pages.

Yes .

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