Error message when search on Google

Hi Community! I have this website

Dividendos México

The issue happens when you enter in the website through Google, it appears the following message:
523 Origin Unreachable

It is very weird for me this error because I did not link my website to Cloudflare. I asked in my hosting and they said there is nothing wrong from their side. A person I hired changed the site from http to https recently and he said he did not link the website with Cloudflare.

I sent a message in the support but got no answer, I saw some tutorials but have no idea what I can do since I have never worked with Cloudflare. Any suggestions are welcome.
Thank you

The URL you posted is definitely not going through Cloudflare, and doesn’t show that error to me.

Thank you for reply @sdayman

The error only appears if you write in google Dividendos Mexico and access the website from there.
If you digit directly the link it works. If you click in the website link it works. If you access the website from google it appears the error (but if you press f5 to load the page, it works again)

What could be the reason for the error?

Thank you!

That’s completely coming from your host. You’ll have to ask them why.

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Ok, thank you @sdayman. I will check again with them.

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