Error Message When Request Is Sent To Verify Email Address


I setup an email address in Cloudflare and route it to another email address of mine. I want to use this new email address to send out my autoresponder series of emails.

To verify this new email address with my autoresponder, I added a TXT record in the DNS for the domain. Then in my autoresponder, as instructed in their video, I requested an email to verify the new email address.

I don’t get the email and when I check the DNS in Cloudflare for the domain, I get this error message SPF status


DMARC status


DKIM status


However, I did add the DKIM TXT record and value.

ANy help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks much.

Did the email go into a spam folder?

You do not need to add a DKIM record to your domain for CF’s Email Forwarding because your domain is not sending the email, CF is sending it (forwarding it) on behalf of your domain, authorized through your domain’s SPF record:

v=spf1 ~all .

However, you can add this DKIM record to indicate your domain has revoked its DKIM key to help protect your domain from spoofing:

TXT   *._domainkey  v=DKIM1; p=

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