Error message: please help the newbie?

Hi guys,

I’m using siteground and trying to hook up CF with my wordpress site. I keep getting the error message below and I haven’t a clue what I’m doing. Can someone please help me?

CF Error: Your .com’s DNS is hosted by Cloudflare. If you’d like to switch to, you must first deactivate and then delete “.com” within Cloudflare</a>. These options are available in the Settings menu.


Hi @louise.e.oboyle, sorry you’re having issues, that is an odd message. I can see your account and notice you’re on a partner setup with siteground. Your DNS records are actually hosted with them. You’ll see a message indicating that on the DNS tab of your Cloudflare dashboard, where normally you’d see DNS records. Normally being if you were signed up directly with Cloudflare.

Not to give a non-answer, but I suspect you’ll want to open a case with siteground to understand what their error means exactly.

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