Error message on this A record. why?

please can you let me know why i am getting this error message on this A rec.
And how to fix it.
thank you

You get the message because that record is not proxied. If it is used solely for HTTP you can change the status to :orange:.

Do you have 17yearcicada-dev configured twice? The message covers the record but it refers to the hostname which is already configured in the first entry.

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I am not sure. I am not technical. here is a image with it not covered by error message. i did what you suggested. my site is still down though.
Screenshot 2021-04-21 at 10.50.27

Possibly a propagation issue on your end. Which hostname is not working. Post a screenshot of the message.

this one…

Can you post the output of these commands?


It will be probably aforementioned propagation issue :slight_smile:

hello, errr I dont know what that means? where do i post output? sorry i am not techical and this is too much for my knowhow.

You’d need to run this on the command line.

Alternatively, try to reboot your router.

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