Error Message “Future home of something quite cool”


I just Change the name server from Godaddy to Cloudfare then I tried to access my website ( then the message appears“Future home of something quite cool.” and I am unable to access website… When I turn the nameserver to default it works fine…
When I contacted Godaddy’s help, they said they don’t provide SSL certificate from any 3rd party
and if I do want an SSL certificate and convert my site into https then I have to pay them for the SSL certificate. So I want to install the SSL certificate manually but I don’t know how or Is there anything else I could do to make my website up and running and with an SSL certificate.

Looks like SSL is working to me.
When I visit the website a bunch of css and js is blocked because it tries to load it over http.
Where do you see “Future home of something quite cool”?


It was showing earlier before I contacted Godaddy. But now what can I do to make my website look good ?


The problem is that some resources (CSS and JS files) are loaded without HTTPS encryption. You need to change the http:// to either https:// or just // where you load the resources. Alternatively you can let Cloudflare do it for you: In the Cloudflare dashboard under Crypto, enable “Automatic HTTPS Rewrites” and “Always use HTTPS”. Hope this helps.

If you need help with HTTPS checkout this website.


I did go to Crypto and enabled always use https but then also it is not working.


Did you enable “Automatic HTTPS Rewrites” as well ?


No, Should I?


Thank U its working


Yea why not give it a whirl? It should help with the mixed content warnings but might not remove them all.


How shall I do that ? please guide me through


Have a look at Troy Hunt’s video from


I also suggest to enable HSTS:


Could you suggest me any more of such videos where I could find a way to optimize my website because now I searched for PSI score of my website and it is very low.


Did you see by earlier reply about HSTS? Adding HSTS will improve your TLS score at Can you link me to your current (PSI) score?


I want to improve the score and yes I watched the video of adding HSTS

I am getting this error after I did HSTS


Thanks, Page Speed Insights measures website performance. The sore depends mostly on your website and web server. I suggest looking into the Speed and Caching tabs in Cloudflare.
You can try the following:

  • Enable “Auto Minify” for CSS
  • Set “Browser Cache Expiration” to something higher maybe 8 hours?
  • Try to Enable “Rocket Loader”

For the HSTS error I suggest to create a “Page rule” ->


If the site it broken disable the Rocket Loader. It might not be compatible, sorry. I think It was worth a try tough.

I’m unable to perform the 3rd and 4th part of the video.
When I turn SSL to full it shows me the error “Future home of something quite cool.” But when I turn SSL to flexible my website runs properly but it shows connection not secure on top.
Help me perform the 3rd part of the video which is adding the meta tag and the 4th part where will I add the .pem and .key file in GoDaddy and how shall I bind them together.


Enabling HSTS should be one of if not the last thing you do around SSL and then only if you have a strong reason to. If you don’t know what you’re doing technically or you make a mistake it can be an absolute pain to recover from while debugging and troubleshooting.