Error Message “Future home of something quite cool”. CloudFare


I just Change the name server from Godaddy to Cloudfare then i try to access my website ( then Message coming “Future home of something quite cool.” i am unable to access website… When i of the SSL certificate then website working fine…
What Could Be the Reason?


Sounds like a default page from GD.

I’ve seen setups where content was separated.
There were two folders within the www-root l, one for content served via HTTP and a second one for content served via HTTPS. Names were like “secure”, “SSL”, something like that.


Then How Will live this website…?


Assuming your DNS setup is correct you’ll have to check your webserver configuration and how it handles requests on port 443 or ask your hosting provider.


i asked many time to host Provider they are saying you changed name server it means by can’t do any thing and you have to ask from cloudfare…


What happens it you try to access your page with via the IP

Ignore any certificate warnings and go ahead.


That is quite the hosting provider you have there. Is this some kind of free hosting plan they offer? I hope if you have a paid plan that you get to talk to someone who knows how their systems work. Confirm with them the IP address you have specified in the DNS control panel is the correct one (since your site shows up on port 80 on the same IP address it almost certainly is).

curl -k --resolve

If it is, the command below (using your IP address specified in the control panel) confirms that HostGator’s server is not listening on port 443 for your site. If they continue to claim it isn’t their problem you may want to ask them to escalate or search for a new hosting provider.


Thank you !
Now problem has solved, actually i install the certificate Manually…And Website Working Fine…

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