Error message for Workers Routes -- shows on all of my CF sites

I use workers (with 2 routes–one for domain.extension and the other for .domain.extension) on the majority of my CF sites.

Up until now, everything has gone as well as can be expected. I recently noticed an error message (red triangle with exclamation mark inside) next to all of the worker routes I have established. This probably started sometime this year (2023), as I don’t recall seeing it in the past (ever).

I use my CF dashboard on a regular basis, and often check the stats for the workers, to make sure they don’t go over established daily limits.

The actual message that is shown when the cursor is over the red triangle is:

“The entered route does not have an active DNS record. To add this route, manually add a new DNS record or use the Worker’s Custom Domain to create it automatically. Learn more.”

I have not modified the workers in over a year. Looking at the stats, the workers appear to be active. I suppose they have to be, as I’m able to access all of the sites that have workers, despite the message shown above.

Recent stats for the workers associated with this particular domain/site:

Recent stats for all routes involving this particular worker across all of my CF domains/sites:

Anyone else seeing anything similar? Any ideas what might have changed on the CF side? Again, I think they’re still working fine. I’m just not sure what the reason is for the error indicator.

I’ve tried searching CF Community for this specific and/or related issues, but was unable to find anything relevant.

I also got an error message like that, as long as workers are working it shouldn’t be a problem.

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This is a known thing that has been raised to the team.

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Same issue till now…

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I am also facing this issue from few days and I haven’t made any changes in DNS Records for more than a year.

the issue is that the Dashboard UI is querying for AAAA IP-V6 records and if you have no IP V6 the error is shown. so it should also work for IP-V4 DNS records, in case that helps solving the issue.

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We’ve reverted the DNS checker, which was incorrectly validating hostnames and for CF for SaaS customers, causing the dashboard to throw an exception when using the */* wildcard hostname route pattern.

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