Error Looking up Cloudflare Edge IP in Docker

Ive switched from my TrueNas core build to the Scale version.
I’m trying to setup a argotunnel using docker.

The error:
error looking up Cloudflare edge ips: the dns query failed error=“lookup on dial udp connect: network is unreachable”

My TrueNas has allocated as the Nameserver 1.
My router has the dns
It seems very strange that my windows client can ping yet my TrueNas not.
Anyone has some insight on this strange error?

Can you check if you can ping anything? Sometimes if your Docker network is misconfigured you won’t have network access from the containers (happened to me once before).

Oh will try this when I’m back! (1 hour)

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Ive pinged google .com and Cloudflare .com, both worked perfectly

Strangely the ping works but the tunnel request ‘docker run Cloudflare/cloudflared/… tunnel login’ gets stuck at
Get “http:// login.cloudflareaccess .org/ZE…”: dial tcp: lookup login.cloudflareaccess .org on dial udp connect: network is unreachable

Hmm, OK.

So it sounds like it’s UDP problem then (Cloudflare Tunnel uses UDP to connect to the edge). Does your network support UDP?

Yes i am sure, i already did another tunnel on the previous TrueNas Core.