Error logs

I did some load testing on my website, and received a number of 524 origin timeout errors.

Is there any way to get more detailed logs from the system so I can see what the actual responses from my server were at that time?

Only Enterprise plans include logging, or you can use to get a realtime log output for free, or subscribe to the historical logs feature.

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Even if you start using Logflare right now, the historical logs were not available to you I’m afraid.


At least it sounds reproducible under a Load Test.

Correct. He needs to reproduce the problem after setting up Logflare, but I’m not sure how detail the logs Logflare can provide.


Agreed, I’m not even sure how much detail Enterprise logs show in relation to the connection to the origin.

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Thanks all, I’ll try this.

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What’s the URL?

What did you do to get the error? I’m not getting it

It was only during a load test.

So I can’t get it?

No, my question was just about getting logs from Cloudflare during a load test or high traffic incident that hurt my performance. proactive measure, not break-fix.