Error log not working

I have a problem on my php site and need to see the failure. But the error log is not being written to. I asked my host about it and they said it was because Cloudflare is stopping it. I tried enabling the ignore cache option but it didn’t make any difference. I can’t pause CF because the site uses its ssl. Does anyone know how to get the errors to show?

Using the free version of CF through my host.

You might want to change host, because your host does not seem to know their business :wink:

The error log is something that’s written on your server (and let’s please ignore logging implementations which might border insanity) and Cloudflare has exactly zero control over that.

I am afraid your host needs to look into that and Cloudflare is not involved.

Pausing really is your best course of action and

if you are saying your server is not properly secured, you have another issue which you need to discuss with your host, as your site would be insecure and that’s something for your host as well.

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Thanks. I will go back to them.

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