Error loading DNSSEC information (Code: 1001)


I enabled dnssec and uploaded the information to the register, and it has been working without any problems until today when I logged into Cloudflare and got the error

Error loading DNSSEC information (Code: 1001)

Domain is


DNSSEC itself for your domain works fine:

I don’t know why you have an error in the dashboard, but that’s probably an internal error that doesn’t necessarily say that the service itself is not working. If I were you, I would wait some time to see if it gets fixed by itself, and if not, open a support ticket.


I have also been receiving the same error code related to DNSSEC.

My domain registrar is Cloudflare.

I noticed it appearing several days ago and thought i would give it some time to resolve itself. But I’m still getting the Code 1001 error appearing. Not all the time. But occasionally.