Error: KV GET failed: 401 Unauthorized


in our worker, we use KV storage. We encountered an issue where some calls to retrieve data from KV storage failed with the error “KV GET failed: 401 Unauthorized,” preventing the data from being loaded. We are also using the Sentry app to track warnings and errors. We discovered that this issue occurred from Jan 25, 2024, 3:13:25 PM UTC until we identified the KV item that was causing the error. After deleting and re-adding this item, the loading was successful.

In Sentry, we observed a similar issue between December 24 and December 26. However, without our intervention, it resolved itself and started working again. The line where the crash occurred is as follows:

const webCall = await KV_NAMESPACE_WEB_CALL.get(, VALUE_TYPE.JSON);

I also checked for any outages on [cloudflare status](, but there were none. A similar issue has been discussed in the community forum [here]( Has there been any official response or resolution to that thread, and does it provide any relevant information for our situation? Has anyone else experienced the “KV GET failed: 401 Unauthorized” error with Cloudflare KV storage recently? How can we prevent same issues with Cloudflare KV storage in the future?