ERROR : IP update not accepted by DDNS Provider

Hello, I use the openwrt system. There is a DDNS plugin in this system. I always use it to push my dynamic IP to cloudflare. But recently because I upgraded the system, the new plug-in does not have a cloudflare script, so I found someone else’s script to use it with the ddns plug-in, but it was unsuccessful. The log is as follows:屏幕截图 2021-10-09 015145.png - Google Drive

Please help me see how to solve this problem, thank you!

Without seeing the API response, there’s no obvious solution. We can’t support other people’s scripts, but whatever it is, it needs to use the Cloudflare API to look up the existing record and update it.

My level is very poor, and I didn’t find a solution when looking at the documentation.?Need me to show more logs?Or can you look at the script I am using?

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