Error Invalid zone status (Code: 1021) When Trying to Enable Cloudflare

The Error “Invalid zone status (Code: 1021)” shows when trying to enable Cloudflare on the site.

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Will someone be able to help me? Still getting this issue, days later.

Can you ensure you’re adding the root domain (like, not and check if the domain is fully removed from any previous Cloudflare accounts?

The domain is added correctly, because the Cloudflare was enabled at one point, however, it did not setup the SSL certificate correctly, so I followed the suggestion of disabling Cloudflare, then disabling SSL certificate, then enabling again. It did generate SSL certificate, but since then, I’m not able to enable Cloudflare. I never used different account, the only thing I did was adding site a few weeks back, then removing it, then adding again (all on the same account).

Thank you.

At the moment, cloudflare is paused, what happens when you go to the overview page of the dash and unpause?

This happens:

Thank you, sorry for the issues you’re encountering. If you are continuing to see that error in the red, can you create an account ticket? You can create an account ticket here,

Once you have an account ticket number can you share that here so that we can flag it for our colleagues in Support?

It worked now and was able to enable Cloudflare. Thanks.

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