Error in turning off cloudflare service , it doesn't let go of my domain

I have a domain and I had pointed it to Cloudflare name servers to use Cloudflare services,
for some reason I want to turn off Cloudflare services for my domain and point it to my personal name servers . after a week of try to do that i can see my name servers set for my domain in whois but i see it shows Cloudflare ip address instead of my server ip , so my domain not resolving correctly and my web site not showing .

how do i fix this problem?

How should anybody be able to say anything without the domain?

i thought that maybe someone had the same issue

it is simple i point my domain to Cloudflare name servers and then point to my own name servers but i name resolving not work .

by the way my domain is

Your domain’s nameservers are set to and So no Cloudflare connection there anymore. Should you still get some Cloudflare address, it is most likely cached somewhere, either on your computer or on your ISP’s resolver or similar.

One - unrelated - thing you should keep in mind is that you will need glue records with your current setup, as otherwise the domain will never resolve.

so why i get this on whois ?

IP Address - 399 other sites hosted on this server
IP Location ![United States|18x12] - California - San Francisco - Cloudflare Inc.
ASN ![United States|18x12]AS13335 CloudflareNET - Cloudflare, Inc., US (registered Jul 14, 2010)

Whois does not have any such data. That is from some random service which most likely uses cached data. You need to ask them about that.

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I used
you can see yourself that this Cloudflare ip comes up in whois

I`m so confused right now because i have other domains that work correctly, but this one is not working.

As I mentioned 29 hours ago

Your issue is not Cloudflare related but a general DNS issue. Your domain simply is not properly set up and that needs fixing from your side.

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