Error in the Cloudflare Admin Panel going to WAF > Bots

Hello, Just upgraded my plan to Business to take advantage of the Bots option. I see this option in the Menu when I pick the “Firewall Icon” but when I click on “Bots” I get a page saying something went wrong with a screen to tell CF what happened when I got this error. Any one know how I can get this fixed?

My site is under attack and I really need to turn this option on ASAP.

Hi @mark.borst,

Is it Super Bot Fight Mode that you’re trying to enable when you get the error? Just to check, have you tried it in a private window or different browser?

As you’re on the business plan, you should have access to submit a ticket or use Live Chat in the bottom right of your dashboard.

I can confirm I am also getting errors on that page under some circumstances.

Its working for me now. I wasn’t even getting that far. It happened immediately after clicking on the “Bots” menu item.

I’m glad it’s working, I am running into some issues on that specific page and I have escalated that but hopefully it all works for you now.

I was going there within 30 minutes of upgrading from the free plan to the Business plan. I think it might have taken a bit for the plan changes to move through my account and the different apps.

After logging out and logging back in again after that amount of time, things were working as expected. Give the old log out, log in with a browser in incognito mode a try.

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