Error in gzip compression

I can not find the error. When performing the test of the site in webpagetest. It says that I need to compress the fonts, but I’m already using G on the server.

The message is:
Use gzip compression for transferring compressable responses: 60/100
1,724.6 KB total in compressible text, target size = 1,026.4 KB - potential savings = 698.3 KB

FAILED - (1,149.9 KB, compressed = 498.2 KB - savings of 651.7 KB) -
FAILED - (69.6 KB, compressed = 31.4 KB - savings of 38.2 KB) -
WARNING - (26.6 KB, compressed = 18.3 KB - savings of 8.4 KB) -

What should I do?

It looks like all 3 of those files use Content-Type headers that Cloudflare doesn’t compress.

Content-Type: application/x-font-woff

Content-Type: application/x-font-opentype

Content-Type: application/x-font-ttf

You’d have to change your web server configuration to have .woff files use something like application/font-woff and so forth.

Got it. Thank you.

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