Error in getting DNS entries?

Hi, just tried adding a domain via Web Interface and the old DNS entries are not take automatically. I double checked if I can request them and it should work. Is it a temporary problem? Can anyone confirm? Thanks.

None of them showed up? If that “add domain” process is over, you may just have to add the DNS entries yourself. Hopefully your old host can export your DNS records in BIND format:

Thanks for your reply.
When adding domains via web interface there was normally a scan for common dns automatically. This scan is done, but 0 DNS entries are found…

I’ve not seen that before, and generally there’s not a way to re-scan them.

Maybe you can find the magic link to delete that domain from Cloudflare and try again. Hopefully it won’t remember you already made it past the DNS scan point and will rescan. Otherwise…I hope you can do the Export/Import process. And then contact Support to see if they can figure out why your records didn’t scan.

Login to Cloudflare and then contact Cloudflare Support by clicking on the Get More Help button.

Hi, it is a bit crazy, because after manually klicking on DNS symbol in web administration the correct DNS entries will be recognized… - I just noticed.

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