Error in DNS setup?




I’m having trouble with a certificate and i cannot identify what is wrong - the customer keeps on getting this error message:

I have installed a certificate with *, and here at webfaction, and it is correctly installed at my host (they verified it).
Your input would be very much appreciated.


The dedicated TLS certificate you purchased in Cloudflare is installed at Cloudflare’s server. I cannot find any other valid TLS certificates for the domain you listed other than the ones Cloudflare generated.

The subdomain in the picture above is not routed through Cloudflare, but is instead routed to Outlook. Since, it is not served from Cloudflare’s server (:grey:), the connection went straight to your origin (in this case, Outlook).

For details on solving it, this Outlook help page may help you:


Thank you very much for your answer - i think i might have found the error.

Is it because the status of this CNAME is not switched on (The cloud in the picture) - sorry for the lack of naming the setting. Can’t remember what you call it:


If you :orange: it, connection will pass through Cloudflare, which should correct the error.


Thank you so much - it worked perfectly, but they now get this error:

Does that have to do with the certifikat?