Error in Dashboard of Wordpress

Hey everybody I have some errors in dashboard of wordpress:

Rest Api Encountered an Unexpected Result:
https:// MYWEBSITE . com /wp-json /wp/v2/types/post?context=edit
API REST: (404) Not Found

Your site couldn’t complete the loopback request
The loopback request returned an unexpected HTTP status code, 404,

My hosting told me it is a problem with Cloudflare, so I hope you can help me please.

Strange to me that you get 404 for wp-json :thinking:

I wonder if it works normally once you’ve temporary enable the “Pause Cloudflare for this Website” option from the Cloudflare dashboard → Overview → bottom right corner.

I am doing it, I go to wait for some minutes and see the results. Thanks

the error is still there in Dashboard of wordpress :frowning:

Then, I am afraid Cloudflare doesn’t affect or change anything here.
404’s should be handled and troubleshooted at the origin host/server.
I’d suggest you to try to talk with your hosting provider for further troubleshooting.

Might be some security plugin restricted access to the particular /wp-json/ path, resulting in 404 you’re getting.

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thanks so much, I talked with my hosting and they helped me with this error.

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