Error I have not seen nor know what to do about it

Greetings all!
Just this morn I checked my main site (then all domains I have behind CloudFlare) and keep getting timeouts or the CloudFlare comes up with page through cached pages.
Hosting company says it’s up over there and KProxy shows error 1008.

Really need some help with this. Website
Thanks in advance!

Can you post a picture of this? I can get the site from some places, but most show a 1005 block in a global test.

I too, am now showing a status of 1005 rather than the 1008 I had earlier. I do have VERY heavy filtering (2 years in the config) so the first thing I did was to insure that the host IP was not blocked. It wasn’t. Then called the host company back to figure out how to log into that control panel as it’s an extension on the domain (which I couldn’t reach). Everything there looks fine. Really strange that the error code has changed and I’ve done nothing yet. Also, other domains hosted under this one have reported no errors from users. Not sure what the hey is wrong on this one…

Take a look at the Firewall Events Log in the Cloudflare dashboard for that domain. It should show you which rule is triggering the block.

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OK… whatever was generating the 1008 has “cured” itself. The error 1005 is being generated by the block I have on KProxy by default. In as much as I can tell, everywhere I want to have access, does now. Thanks!

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