Error getting started

Hi All, my name is, Roy and I’m a newbie. I am still feeling my way around. I have migrated 2 domains into Cloudflare and I’m getting error messages. Please help!

  1. Is there a place I can see the error messages? The disappeared before I could get to them.
  2. What do I need to do about the following error message? “The following error occurred while parsing the API response: unexpected token u in JSON at position 0”
  3. Thank you for any assistance.

Hi @mccloud_roy,

Welcome to the Cloudflare Community forum. This is a thread for saying hello, introducing yourself etc.

You can get faster response for your question if you repost it as a new topic. Just click on the Cloudflare icon above, that will lead you to the main forum page. Then you click on the “+ New Topic” button on the top right corner.


Thank you

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