Error getting DNS record for <domain>:<uid>

There is a problem with the Zero Trust control panel: in a situation when it is necessary to change the cf tunnel public hostname domain from one to another, an error occurs about the inability to obtain DNS records. At the same time, everything is fine with the DNS record for this public hostname, it exists and the domain works fine.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Create a tunnel in the Zero Trust control panel;
  2. Create a public hostname with any service, any subdomain, and any domain, save;
  3. Try changing a domain (not a subdomain) from one to another, for example →;
  4. Get an error: Error getting DNS record for

Additional information:
Zero Trust free plan; Cloudflare Access: off (tried with public hostname, on which it is disabled); Domains are also on the free plan; Domain Registrar: Cloudflare,;


Thank you for the report. I’ve been able to replicate this myself.

I’ve escalated this to the relevant team. In the meantime, I’d recommend just creating a new public hostname instead, as a workaround.

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