Error from Ubuntu console 503

Hey! Our client cannot access all urls through the ubuntu console. It turns out error 503. Protection is disabled. The rest of the site works and we get 200 OK responses from the browser.
What to do ? how to fix?

If they’re being blocked by Cloudflare then it’ll appear in the firewall activity log which is available at - it’ll tell you which security feature triggered it too.

I do not quite understand their manipulations, but these are clients and they have their own system for processing xml files. Is it possible to somehow whitelist them with such requests? Or is it better not to risk it?

The way you whitelist them depends entirely on what is triggering the block - check the activity log and it’ll tell you exactly what feature is doing it.

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Yes, we found the problem. Thank you!
Tell me how to exclude ip address from Bot Fight?

Bot Fight Mode can only be bypassed by IP Access Rules -

Not working :pensive:

What to do ? how to fix?

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