Error: Forbidden (no 403) on various websites

Since a few days, I’ve been unable to reach some parts of several websites, for example revolut business, and all I get is an error message:

Error: Forbidden

Your client does not have permission to get URL /xxx from this server.

Where xxx is whatever section of the website I’m trying to reach. This happens only on my personal home connection, which has a fixed IP. Using a VPN allows me to reach the page. Mobile data also works.
Only my own home IP address seems to be blocked.
I don’t even know why, some website fully load completely with no issues, other show the error message. There is no code, no clue on why or what kind of service has blocklisted my IP…

I have absolutely no clue how to find the source of this issue!
Only service I host is a Flux node. I’ve never seen anything like this. I didn’t host any unlawful service or app, I just basically run a we server and provide node service to Flux.

Looks like it’s in fact a stupid firebase block list, so Google, which are impossible to contact to discuss these. FFS it’s just a regular consumer fibre…

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