Error: failed to download node-v20.8.0-linux-x64.tar.gz

Started having NodeJS download issues when building Cloudflare Pages.

My assumption is due to NodeJS CDN being overloaded and sometimes it shows that it will take 50 minutes to download nodejs archive:


Is there a way to cache the archive for the cloudflare pages node-build? I’ve tried enabling Beta caching for cloudflare pages however it does not help with the nodejs and it shows “caching is unsupported for this project”

Your assumption is probably right, the node download server is often overloaded.

If you’re on Build Image v2, and you only specify the major version (ex: NODE_VERSION: 20), it will use the preinstalled version built into the image, no downloading necessary. You can do that with node versions 12-20.

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Thank you Chaika,

Specifying only the major version indeed helped. Build process is now using system given version which is already installed. As I do not need specific version exactly this solves the issue.



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