Error establishing database connection in our website


our website is hosted in its facing error establishing database connection. also we were unable to open our phpmyadmin account.pls advise

I would advise you to contact your web host, which you said was GoDaddy, as it seems the database for your site is down. Only your host can fix that, this is not an error on Cloudflare’s side.


Sorry our site is hosted in Cloudflare only, Now our website is showing 522 error.connection timed out.

since two days our website is down showing webserver is down 521 error. code. Someone please reply for this solution. We contact our hosting provider Cloudflare,but no response. We are unable to login to phpmyadmin also

It’s uncommon that Cloudflare would completely replace a hosting provider. You can use it to host a site in the cloud with products like Pages, Workers, and R2, but you would know if you were doing that. Most people put it in front of their server to block malicious requests, cache certain responses, etc.

When you say you switched from GoDaddy and you are hosting with Cloudflare now, what did you do to transfer your site, exactly? Did you cancel your GoDaddy account?

Our website is hosted in Cloudflare only. only the domain from godaddy, by mistake only we put it as godaddy. Our website is is hosted in Cloudflare domain ownership from godaddy. Since two days we are getting the result as sever down 521 error code. What should we do to fix the issues? We contacted Cloudflare team, but no response. Please advise a solution

Can anyone gives the solution. we tried contacting Cloudflare customer care team.but no response. If anyone knows the solution please help us as the website is down since 3 days because of server down issues.

If your website is hosted on Cloudflare only, without your own server, you must be using products like Pages, Workers, and R2. Can you provide more information about your configuration? Are you the person who set up the website?

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