Error Establishing Database Connection FindItMore

Error Establishing Database Connection on my website.

I am unable to debug the problem. Can you please help me out with this.

It works fine when I disable Cloudflare and change the DNS to default.

Please check the website and let me know the solution for the same.

Thank you.

Please use the search. This topic has been addressed more than once.

I have already searched for the same topic and didn’t found any appropriate solution for this.

Currently, the website is working fine.

There is another Website where I have encountered the same issue. i.e. TechsPlace Blogs

Sometimes it works fine and sometimes it gives the error.

Please let me know the issue. should get you started.

Which solutions did you find and what did you try?

One that read was related to Agro.

I cross checked my database credentials in wp-config file and also tried after creating new user as well. But it didn’t worked.

Then I disabled Cloudflare and pointed the DNS to hosting providing DNS servers. That it just worked fine.

But now now the Cloudflare in enabled and also I am using Cloudflare DNS and it’s working fine.

Was there any issues in past with the Flexible SSL?

Flexible SSL itself is the issue but most likely not related to your issue.

But it is good if it is now working.

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