Error establishing database connection - Argo

Hello! I enabled Argo and Tiered Cache for my site on 13th Feb. And today I faced Error establishing a database connection every now and then. Sometimes on the frontend and sometimes backend. Kindly help!

If your frontend/backend is having trouble connecting to your database, that sounds like an issue with your host or database itself.

Visitor → Cloudflare → Smart Routing → Your Origin (Front end / backend) → Database

Cloudflare is not within the equation for why your database cannot be reached, typical database traffic like MySQL on port 3306 won’t even flow through Cloudflare’s normal Proxy service without something like Cloudflare Spectrum, which you would know if you were using.

The only thing that I can think of that might be related is with tiered caching enabled, if your database/host was throwing errors before and they were being cached due to a cache/page rule override or a non-error status code letting them be cached, tiered caching may be making those errors be cached for longer. But that of course isn’t the root cause.