Error establishing a database connection - Wordpress & Ionos

Hello! I keep having the following error message on loading my website easyweddingdubai(.)com

Error establishing a database connection

It will happen on loading and disappear on reloading. I have 10 websites with the same configuration and this is the unique one showing me this.

What can be wrong and / or how to investigate?

Hello there,

It seems to be working from my end here. Do you get any specific error message with code? or from Cloudflare?

This is the isse I have. It’ll won’t come all the time and I’ll see this

I checked on the wp-confi and the info are correct

I hope you are able to login correctly. Were you? The page here you are talking about the wordpress dashboard and the database. Did you check the integrity of the db? Check the configuration files again, check your host for any issue.
This does not seem to be the issue occurring from Cloudflare. I suggest you to contact either the host or the wordpress.

But that’s why I’m confused I haven’t found anything wrong there.
Files > Ok
Host > OK
No idea of where to look else

Look into the wordpress

As per the image I see, is the error occurring from that page only? or other too?
If so, check the plugins if any are conflicting- disable & check,
Roll back to the previous version or page & check
Crosscheck the settings / urls you are trying to edit
Check if the error is affecting other pages?

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