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I was on my site this morning. I reinstalled a fresh version of chrome, and now I’m getting “error establishing a database connection”. I changed nothing with my site settings, usernames, passwords. I logged into my Cloudfare dashboard and was givin the all clear, everything was working properly, but it wasn’t. I ran a speed test on my domain, and an error popped up saying my site cannot be reached, please contact your site host? Cloudfare is my host. I searched the error on the support page. I was instructed to add a filter under the Analytics & Logs tab, there is no “add filter” option under the analytics & logs drop-down menu. Currently I have a free plan, so I cannot contact support. I then looked up the error code in the Cloudfare Community. I found 1 tutorial, locked. There were a few suggestions to try, but nowhere to post a question. If I needed more help I was instructed to log into the community and post a new topic? I apologise if this post is not where it should be, but I’m running in circles here. I’m a novice when it comes to most of this so I’m not real comfortable performing tasks or fixes if I don’t know exactly what I’m doing. I had this Wordpress site custom built, ready to launch in 24 hours. That was 3 months ago, and the site is only half completed. It has been nothing but issue after issue with Google Chrome. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Worse case I wait until Monday and contact the developers.

Thank You

Cloudflare is not the host of your wordpress site.
That error sounds like the generic error Wordpress gives when it cannot connect to the database. This is something you would have to resolve with your actual web host. Cloudflare is merely a reverse proxy/CDN in this instance that sits between visitors and your WordPress host, providing security, speed, and other benefits.
If the “developers” you talk about are the ones who set up Cloudflare for you/the site, I would indeed contact them.


Right, you see that because of how Cloudflare works. You are using them for your site as a reverse proxy, pass-through security service. Connections to your website go Visitor → Cloudflare → Real Host running Wordpress.
The real host running Wordpress is the one you will need to find/contact. If you have no idea who they are, you should contact the developers you mentioned before if they set it up for you. You could try doing an IP lookup of the IP you find in your Cloudflare Dashboard, under DNS → Records, to try to get more information on who is hosting it.

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Ok, thank you for clarifying. I will contact the developer on Monday. Thank you for the rapid reply’s also.

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I noticed my IP Address had changed. After speaking with my ISP, they informed me each time I reboot my modem it changes the IP Address. Could that be the cause? Do I need to update all settings with current IP Address?

Hi @CharlieIrrish

I’m sorry to read that you are experiencing difficulties.

It seems the “error establishing a database connection” issue might be related to your hosting provider’s end, possibly an SSL certificate glitch. Please contact your hosting provider and ask them to check for any issues with the SSL certificate or database connection. Once they resolve the issue, it should work properly with Cloudflare.

I contacted them. They said the issue is fixed for now, and Im about out Ram. I need to upgrade. Ive been complaining to them for over a month about all the issues. Slow loading, crashing, server timed out, most of their preinstalled plugins aren’t working, and I’ve had at least 2 critical errors since i launched the site. They advised me to ignore the errors, they will eventually go away. Im sorry but thats not how things work. Now they are telling me I used 40G’s of Ram in 3 months and the site is only half completed. 1 of the critical errors was no cache plugin detected.The developer has it disabled for some reason. My requests were swept under the rug, Im ready to cut my losses and move on. I appreciate everyone’s assistance here. Have a good week.

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