Error Error: Authentication error (10000) when create a record using Terraform

Hello everyone,

I was trying to add some domains to Cloudflare using Terraform. When a record is being added, it’s occurring the following error: Error: Authentication error (10000). I have an API with the following permissions (Zone.Zone Settings, Zone.Zone, Zone.DNS) in all zones.

Can you help me?

If you continue to get that error, can you share a link to the token requirements needed by terraform?

Hi @cloonan

This is the link for the terraform to create a DNS zone: Terraform Registry

I’m having two errors: Error: Authentication error (10000) and Error: exceeded available rate limit retries.

I don’t know exactly where can I get the account id to create this resource.

I appreciate your help.


Hi @rscotto

Try and follow this troubleshooting documentation for the error you see.

Hi @louise2

I created a new API and tested using curl. This is the answer:

Even using this new API, the error is the same. The permissions are:

Can you help me?

I reviewed the API, permissions, but the same error occurs.

Can you help me folks?

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