Error ERR_SSL_PROTOCOL_ERROR on wordpress

Hi guys!

yesterday I activated cloudflare on my wordpress website. For several hours everything worked correctly, but late in the day the web crashed and continues like this, with an error ERR_SSL_PROTOCOL_ERROR

I have contacted my hosting support and they have accessed my cloudflare control panel, and they say that my configuration is correct. Do any of you know what may be happening? Thank you!

Can you post a full page screenshot of

I’d assume your proxy certificate has not been issued yet or you disabled Universal SSL.

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Please never suggest Flexible SSL. It’s not secure.


Yes! That why i’ve said if his can’t enable HTTPS on his origin, i have a few endpoints that nerver get an SSL :frowning:

So you have an insecure and broken site then. But that’s actually a topic for a separate thread, as that’s not the issue here.

Thank you all for your help and interest. I enclose the screenshot that Sandro requested.

I have disabled Cloudflare and the website has started working automatically, so I think the problem is on this side.

A Spanish screenshot is a bit difficult to interpret, but as I mentioned earlier I believe you have Universal SSL disabled. You should enable that.

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It has worked, thank you very much everyone for your help, you have been very kind!


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