We are just moving to Cloudflare. Our DNS are now poiting on Cloudflare. But site is still down with ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED error.

We are using http to https redirect on our server. And we have SSL certificate issued by certificate authority. Cloudflare SSL options are set to Full (strict). Universal SSL Status is active.

What else should we configure to make it work properly? And the only way to make Cloudflare use our SSL certificate is to use Business plan?

It’s working for me.

It’s reachable through VPN but not form our region (Russia). Different ISP recieve same ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED error. Users from England are also suffering from the same problem.

Connection refused would indicate the browser cant connect at all, which is unlikely in Cloudflare’s case. My best guess would be they are resolving your domain to an incorrect IP address. However it would seem as if propagation is fine at this point.

Can you check to which IP address it resolves at each location where it does not work?

At least two different ISP’s resolve it like

And it does not load on these connections? That would mean other Cloudflare pages wouldnt load either and I cant really believe that respectively that would require a lot more debugging.

If we go from other side and check other sites on this ip like
Maybe theres a way to change CF ip?

It seems that this IP is blocked by RKN ( in Russia.

It wouldn’t be the first time a Russian ISP blocked Cloudflare IP addresses. But you also said users in England are having the same problem.

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