Error domain is not registered

Hi, I’m trying to add my domain via the web UI. I’m getting the error “is not a registered domain”.

The Whois records look OK: Whois Lookup Captcha
Dig also looks OK:
Dig web interface - online dns lookup tool

I am no doubt missing something obvious, but have searched and can’t find what it is, so any help appreciated :pray:

Hey, thanks – I read that before posting and have followed the advice (checking whois / dig / that the domain is genuinely registered) but everything looks OK on that front.

How long has it been registered?

It’s been registered for over a year, but I transferred it to Namecheap yesterday

NS Propagation does not look good. That’s quite often the issue.

Thanks, that definitely looks like it’s going slowly. I’ll leave it a couple of days and try again

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