Error: "Disconnected. Your internet is not private."

I am a very experienced computer person, and would like to use Cloudfare VPN, but cannot get it to work.

Followed the install instructions and got the following message: “Warp Disconnected. Your internet is not private.”
Tried this in 3 version - same issue.

My ISP is Comcast. My PC uses a wifi connection to the Comcast “Gateway” (router), and internet.

General Heading:
Connection = Off
DNS Protocol = Off
Colocation center = MIA
Your Device Conection Type = Wifi

Connection Heading:
Network Name = blank
Disable for all WiFi Networks = unchecked
Disable for all wired Networks = unchecked
DNS protocol = WARP for Families = None
Gateway DoH Subdomain = blank
Reset All Settings = Done, no change
Reset Encryption Keys = Done, no change

Advanced Heading:
All statistics = Not connected

If you are a very experienced computer person you would know how to fix it, right? :nerd_face:

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